Lune's Profile

Hiya! I’m Lune, the virtual lighthouse keeper here at Cloverbell… I’m a 19 year old art student from a sleepy town in the middle of nowhere, now living in a city near the coast to study at my dream school! I’m Vietnamese-American, and speak both Vietnamese and English.

I spend most of my days doing schoolwork, tidying my room, indulging in the occasional hobby, and spending time with my friends! I draw a lot. I go to school for it, I do it for work, but also I really enjoy it! A lot of the assets here on Cloverbell are doodled by me in my free time. I draw all sorts of things and work in all sorts of mediums, mostly digital, though I have a fondness for watercolor. I’m really good at connect 4 for some reason. I can be kinda a quiet person, mostly cause I’m tired from staying up late. But really I’m pretty loud and have a tendency to ramble… My favorite animal are sheep. (And goats and alpacas, which are pretty sheep adjacent!) Pretty much every color in the rainbow has been my favorite color at some point, but I’m currently a big fan of sage green.


Color: Sage green
Animal: Sheep
Food: Prosciutto & melon
Drink: Milk tea
Passtime: Drawing, coding, daydreaming, talking with friends, wandering aimlessly
Yotsuba chapter: The one where she meets Juralumin

About Cloverbell

I started Cloverbell in 2021 to serve as my cozy hideaway from the wider web. The name Cloverbell is drawn from the name of my best friend and I’s Stardew Valley farm. I’ve been exploring neocities sites for a long while, i really admire how each site is personalized with so much charm and care. I like that I can just stumble across a lovingly decorated site and learn a bit about the stranger who made it. So I wanted to make a personal site too, so a piece of me here on Cloverbell can be stored on the web for someone to come across. And maybe this isle will bring them a bit of comfort as it does for me!