Welcome to my virtual photo album!
heres some pictures from my everyday life that catch my eye! Thanks for looking!


The shelf overlooking my desk at home. I always like decorating my work area with some of my favorite things... Shown is a Rilakkuma Fan Club plush (a christmas gift from my best friend), a copy of one of my favorite mangas-- Girl's Last Tour, and vintage postcards from a local crafts store


Photo taken on one of my daily walks. I brought some sandwiches and a volume of Girls Last Tour to enjoy with some milk tea.


A tiny Sylvanian Families dollhouse my room mate and I built together... I built the top half while my room mate built the bottom half. These are part of a set of Sylvanian Family building kits... we hope to complete the house soon!


Another angle of Yoshitomo Nara's "Drawing Room" installation. Taken on my second and final visit of his LACMA exhibit...


My dorm room! pretty cozy :D


Taken at Grifith observatory


My room mate and I had arrived home at our dorm after attending a dance performance at our school... I decided to decorate my 3DS with stickers. My affinity for Rilakkuma is apparent in this photo...


Yoshitomo Nara's "Drawing Room" installation at the LACMA! one of my favorite art exhibititions ive ever had the pleasure of visiting...


Playing NieR replicant in my bed! very cozy


some lovely colorful buildings by the ocean, taken on my moving trip.


Photo of my rilakkuma doll and a rainbow! taken on my roadtrip moving across the country.