Leaving so soon? Heres some links to some other lovely destinations on the web!
Also, heres some snacks for your journey! I hope you enjoyed your stay at Cloverbell, and I hope that we'll meet again..... safe travels!

Neocities Sites

Cadnomori: One of the first Neocities sites I ever stumbled across. His website feels whimsical and sincere, and I adore everything from the soft, nostalgic design, to his wholehearted and interesting writings!
Cement Garden: A lovely personal site featuring pages on EGL, cats, as well as lovely drawings and an introspective web diary. Every page makes for very pleasing eye candy and is very cohesive and well designed... i really enjoy the look and feel of this site!
strwbrry: An adorable personal site with wonderfully designed pages, each one sporting a unique, pastel layout. Very cute...
Turd: A cute, minimal personal site and web diary that I like to revisit every once and a while. I really adore the minimalistic layouts featured in this site, its very clean and charming. I enjoy their photography page!
Cabbage Sorter: A very pretty personal site... I really enjoy the color pallette and overall layout of the site, and I enjoy reading through the many writings as well.
ambulansabores: A soft, baby-blue personal site with a very cohesive and impressive design! Everything is so cute.... I love the windows inspired layouts and the attention to detail...
denpa: A website belonging to Io, an artist i truly admire! Their work has a very warm, familiar quality to it, though unsettling and dreamlike at the same time. I particularly enjoy their game log and tea diary pages.

Other Cool Sites That I Haven't
Gotten Around to Writing a Description For Yet

Link to wastelandimperiatrix

99 GIF Shop: Really cute site, made to look like an online store displaying a catalogue of gifs and graphics...
Bonnibel's Graphic Collection: A huge collection of cute pixels and graphics, all neatly organized into categories.
Jasminnie: Sozai site, has lots of cute pixels and anime-related materials.
Engram Pixel: Collection of cute pixel graphics and materials... very adorable layout!
Hot Choco: Sozai site featuring cute pixels with warm, autumnal colors. Their artwork and layouts are so nice...
Sorahana: Lovely sozai site, very cute pixels and warm, rustic illustrations.

GifCities: A search engine that allows you to search for various graphics retrieved from GeoCities, archival courtesy of The Internet Archive.

Jan's Graphics: A huge collection of various graphics, mostly featuring a cozy, country aesthetic. Neatly organized into categories.
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