꒰ Tuesday 08.01.23 ꒱

Hello August! Here are some recent happenings...

I've been relieved from some of my summer stressors.. I've wrapped up summer classes and got approved for a new apartment this coming school year. I havent received all my final grades yet, but I'm fairly certain I passed with flying colors! Now the coming school year will be easier for me thanks to my hard work... And now I can focus more on commission work and fun stuff like working on my website!

I've been playing my 3ds a lot lately. I've had it for about 2 years, and it may just be my most frequently used console because of how portable it is.. My mom and I got distracted visiting our local dead mall, where I found a used copy of Petz: Bunnyz at Vintage Stock. It's a pet game, but it has a multitude of cute mini games like a little built in RPG and a car racing game. Every aspect of the game is bunny themed, and that really delights me. I've also dove into more Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer and Style Savvy: Styling Star, which are titles ive been fixated on for a long while now. I think I just really like games that allow me to meticulously customize and personalize things. (If you also enjoy any of the games I've mentioned leave me a message or email or something lol!)

The other day I woke up early to ride my bike with my mom. There's a lovely forested trail behind my aunt's house that I've never visited. The paths are nice and the terrain is fairly even, making it a very pleasant bike ride. It's such a nice little area, with a little creek and wooden bridges and picnic tables under shaded pavilions. And plenty of friendly, chatty folks on their morning walks. After we rode to the end of the trail and back, we were feeling pretty hungry. My aunt took my mom and I to our favorite local bakery to get breakfast. I had an iced tea and a belgian waffle. Tired out from the bike ride and the filling meal, I enjoyed a nap on the car ride home.