꒰ Wednesday 04.23.24꒱

Some days are so good it makes you think "wow, life is beautiful and I am so grateful to be alive" and "if only everyday were like this one". Today was such a day!
Most days I dedicate the entirety of the day to one or two tasks or activities, which often leaves me feeling somewhat under-stimulated, but I did a lot of different things today. I feel very fulfilled and enriched.

I woke up early and biked to my morning class. After my morning class ended, I walked to a nearby bagel shop and got a bagel sandwich for lunch... I then finished up my second and final class for the day and was about to drop my bag off at my cubicle when I ran into my friend, the same friend I hung out with on my birthday.
She and I went on a walk together and ended up taking a shuttle downtown to get boba. We stopped by her apartment and I got to see her room. (I love seeing the different ways people decorate and furnish their living spaces...)
We walked to the bakery and she got a fruit tea while I got a strawberry milk tea that was just the right amount of sweetness and so refreshing too... We went window shopping together while drinking our teas and chatting.

Ahhh its not often that we hang out 1on1 but every time we have has been a blast. We're really similar in a lot of ways-- it's fun being around someone whos also as curious and they are spontaneous and recognizes and appreciates the small joys in life. We joked about our shared love of meandering. I had so much fun chatting and cracking jokes with her and laughed so hard my throat is still sore as I'm typing this lol... (Sorry to my friend if she's reading this, for the sappiness, but I want to express how much fun I had!)

As we walked together we started planning an ideal day-trip into the city where we can explore to our hearts content and try lots of delicious food. We planned it for this weekend, and I'm sooo incredibly excited!

We took a shuttle back to campus where a Japanese festival was being held in the courtyard. There was a booth where you could get polaroid photos taken and decorate it with lots of cute stickers and photo frames provided by the booth. We took some super cute pictures and had a lot of fun decorating them together, they turned out adorably! I'm happy to have a keepsake from this day. We looked through the other booths together and bought some karaage, which we shared while listening to the live music and reflecting on how fun the time we spent together was.

She had to go to class so we parted ways shortly after and I spent about an hour or two doodling in my sketchbook. My other friend invited me to have dinner with him at In N Out and I agreed to tag along. I haven't had In N Out (or a burger for that fact) in months so it was especially yummy. It was fun chatting with him too... we brainstormed some good ideas for future potential collaborative projects. ^_^

When I arrived back at school I decided to indulge in one of my favorite activities: getting lost on campus while listening to the yume nikki OST and pretending I'm in an altered reality. Maybe this sounds silly but its very easy and fun to do with my college campus, which is very old and strange-looking and labrinth-like.

It's also an art school with lots of rotating art installations in different rooms each week, so it's fun wandering around and discovering new art installations in corners of the school I usually never visit! Today I didnt listen to the Yume Nikki OST but I did listen to this playlist, which provided a similar effect. I think I walked around for like an hour, to the point that my feet hurt. I definitely got lost too-- I came across some rooms and parts of my school I've never been to before. I never really mingle with students from other departments so I have no clue what theyre up to or what their spaces are like, so it was cool to see. My favorite thing I found was a small, quiet corridor with glass window walls on both sides.

I ended up in the library which I've never really explored in depth before. I wandered around and flipped through random books that caught my interest and ended up reading a collection of essays on feminism until the library closed? lol

I ended up checking the book out and went up to the quiet corridor to continue reading through it. I really need to read more.... I'm more inclined to listening to audiobooks because I can listen to it while I do other things like drawing or chores. Its useful and keeps my attention better but it doesn't feel the same as sitting down and reading through a physical book.

I then biked home home while wearing a denim jacket my friend lent to me to keep me warm on my ride home (and it did!). I showered as soon as I got home and now I'm sitting under my kotatsu eating oranges and drinking tea and writing this. I'm gonna go to sleep now!