Asher is so muuuch coooler than that weird lune girl with a distinctive gaite Pt. 1!

For starters that lune girl is so weid she mad a film thats way to dark not just edgy but dark as in the color, dark. She's like all weird and is like you dont even kkn==now css, and its like bro, i watched the matrix i know ur just quoting a movie so weird cringe an nerdy and shit. Basicall she super weird and honestly like has a distincl=tively bad smell. this is blue unlike lune would be i she was born in james camerons avatr causew she would still be a human in it.

Here's how you can make a cringe lune comp and cry about it.

Here's an image of lune in irl and not the "flesh suit" she normally wear:

she is actually like two people not one but two

Here's is my list:

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