Animal Crossing New Horizons

I remember waking up on March 20th, 2020, the day of Animal Crossing New Horizon's release, and retrieving my Nintendo Switch from my bedside table as I downloaded the game from the Nintendo EShop... I remember eating breakfast as I waited for the game to download, and spending the day setting up my island and exchanging friend codes with my online friends. It was spring break of my junior year of highschool, or rather, an extended spring break, as the pandemic meant I would be spending an extended amount of time isolated from my classmates and friends. Little did I know that I would be homebound for the remainder of the year, and would spend a majority of my free time sinking hundreds of hours into developing my digital island.

I have countless memories attached to this game, having logged over 800 hours at the time of writing. I met many friends through the online community that formed around ACNH, and developed an appreciation for the cozy "cottagecore" aesthetic that would become a mainstay in my artwork and personal style. My island, Comet Isle, has been completed since autumn of 2020. Every inch of the island has been decorated to my liking, and the homes of my two player characters, the island representative and island inn-keeper, have been fully furnished. While I no longer play the game every day, I do enjoy revisiting ACNH to take a walk around my island, explore dream addresses, and more recently, design homes in the Happy Home Designer DLC.

With so many new items and features added in the final update, as well as my personal tastes changing with time, I'd really like to start anew and build a new island more in-tune with my current tastes. However, I'm far too attached to Comet Isle and the memories I've made on it, so I'll likely never be able to part with it... My best friend is letting me decorate his island, however, so I may update this page with news of its development!
Attached is a photo of my Nintendo Switch, which I decorated with a pastel skin and stickers.

Welcome to Comet Isle

Comet Isle is a cozy, cottagecore-themed island-- a digital getaway created to encapsulate my 2020 self's favorite design sensibilities at the time. As such, it presently exists as sort of a time capsule... the island contains many builds pertaining to my past self's favorite interests and the like. The entrance is a recreation of The Deku Tree's Navel, my favorite area from my favorite game, Breath of the Wild. The island flag is modeled after a paint pallete, and several plein air areas can be found throughout the island, as well as a painter's studio. My second player character was created to resemble my oc, Willow, who is an innkeeper. Her island home operates as an inn and is furnished accordingly!

My island can be visited via my dream address, DA-3423-0042-6619. My dream address is currently set to autumn, but I may update it to summer in the future... Feel free to download any of my hand-drawn custom designs, and maybe leave me a message on my guestbook or send me an email if you enjoyed your visit to my island...! If you don't have access to a switch, you can view a video tour of my island provided by my lovely friend, Michelle! It is a bit dated, however!

Island Fruit: Peaches
Island Flower: Hyacinth
Island Residents:

Comet Isle Photo Album

Below is a collection of photos detailing my favorite builds and fondest memories made on Comet Isle... a lot of these pictures are pretty old, so they may not be completely up to date with the island's current appearance.

Lets start with photos of my favorite area on the island, a winding forest path connecting the entrance to a hidden forest library... I love taking strolls in this part of the island T__T

I think this area looks nice at nighttime, too!

This is the library that the forest path leads to. It has two floors and plenty of seating.

You can even see a star tree in the upper left of this picture, since it was taken before star trees were patched out...

A transition area to the left of my resident services, where you can pick up items when you visit my island's dream address. The bridge leads to my museum!

Something akin to a town center... it connects the cafe, art studio, board walk, pumpkin patch, and post office.

A small community garden at the bottom right of my island... it serves as a pumpkin patch in the fall.

A scenic photo of the island boardwalk... i like the lighthouse in the distance and the summer clouds!

My island's orchard. Complete with seating, in case you want some fresh fruit to accompany your lunch in the orchard.

The bakery below my home.... Marshal wanted to be in the picture, too

Some pictures of my recreation of The Deku Tree's Navel from Breath of the Wild. This area is also my island's entrance. I made the leaf bedding pattern myself!

A cliffside plein air area, overlooking the ocean below... I thought the glowing painting (The Fighting Temeraire by Joseph Mallord William Turner) was fitting for the setting!